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  • Just got back from Southampton.
    What a day!
    We enjoyed the competition, we enjoyed the very good organisation, we enjoyed the nice people, we enjoyed the Weather and the beautiful medals and sponsored giveaways.
    We even enjoyed the trip (two times macdonalds, two times burgerking and some authentic “chinese” fish and chips.

    Team Drechterland

    • Hi Edwin
      Thank you, it was great to see you all. You didn’t mention the Doom Bar and HSB at the Horns did you not like it?
      Hopefully see you next year if not before.

      Kind Regards

  • Hi there,
    Approx what time will this year’s event be running? trying to coordinate with university tutorial timing.

    • Hi Josh we can arrange a time that suits you. Last year we started around 10am and finished about 4pm. Just let me know your availability. Stephen

  • Note there has been a change of Venue for the British Finals, previously to be held in Wales now will be held at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex.

  • We’re planning to come over from the netherlands again for the 2017’s event.

    Last year we had a super good time.

    Looks like we have seven athletes who are interested to join the shoot and run this year.


    Teamcaptain target sprint team sv Drechterland

  • Thanks again for the TargetSprint Competition. Seth, Kush and I enjoyed ourselves. I appreciated the diverse mix of entrants and the fact that the event was competitive yet also friendly.

  • We had a really great weekend. Thanks to all the scouts and especially to trevor and steve for making this event possible.
    We had lots of fun with the race and also with the side events. Loved shooting the bell! Hearing the doorbell at home will never be the same.

    We’re looking forward to next

    Team Drechterland

  • A great big thank you to all the competitors and all the great helpers that have made today’s event a brilliant day
    we couldn’t do it with out you all.

  • Hi I am hoping to drop off our entry pact to the address either tonight later or tomorrow. Would this be ok. Going to hand deliver as won’t make the post now. Cheers.

    • Hi Gary
      That’s fine, you can post if you like, I will accept if posted by 31st if that is easier for you.

      • It’s ok. Not far tomorrow so will drop it in as you will only have a few days to sort other wise and I wanted to request an early slot if possible. Cheers.

        • Hi Gary
          OK no problem. I am pretty sure we can accommodate your early time slot request.
          Thank you.

  • We will be joining the event with 6 athletes in the open category.

    The dutch champion and the vice champion under 14 years old will be travelling with us.


    Targetsprint team SV-Drechterland

    • Hi Rob
      Thanks for your enquiry. I believe SAS members are registered with Gillwell so yes of course.

  • Roger had spoken to me about this. I have discussed this with Trevor and if this first event comes off ok we are happy to consider an open competition soon after.

    Please keep an eye on the website for further details. I will of course keep your details and notify you of any changes.


  • I have seen a link to your Run and Shoot event at Romsey Scouts on facebook, care of Roger Monksummers.

    A few of the team at Southampton University would be interested in shooting (and running), if there is some form of open competition we could participate it. Would this be possible?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Sam
      I have tried emailing Southampton University shooting via the webpage but no-one has come back. We have an open-class this year.
      Do you have anyone who may be interested in entering?

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