Southampton TargetSprint

Welcome to the home of Southampton TargetSprint which is run by Stephen Batchelor (21st Romsey Scouts/Rifle Club) and Trevor Draper (Shackleton ESU/Rifle Club) with the assistance of other scouting members. The grounds and heart of this competition location is based around scouting, however the competition is open to both Scouting and non Scouting members. With over 3 years of competition we have experience in setting up and running the Target Sprint competition.

The competition is a fun, friendly and social event combining middle distance running with target shooting.

Athletes are required to run 400m then shoot and knockdown 5 targets with pre-charged air rifles, repeat this again, and finally a 400m sprint to the finish line. Each heat will have up to 6 athletes and the fastest time for each category is declared the winner. Categories are usually based on age and sex.

At our Romsey events we usually have some fun shooting activities for those competing or supporting the athletes for a small fee, all the proceeds of the event go back into the 2 scouting rifle clubs which are part of the relevant scout group charities.

Our next Planned Events are:

Saturday 12th May 2018 – Scouting and non-scouting open competition (21st Romsey HQ)

Please use the links pages in particular British Shooting and HampshireScoutRifle Club for other event details.